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Meet YUSUKE Ogasawara. He is a Model/ Actor born and raised in Japan. He began his modeling journey back in Miami, 2016 and has since worked for countless brands and fashion publications - from advertising for Gant, household names like H&M, spread for Esquire, and more runways than he can probably remember. Signed across the world from New York to Tokyo, Yusuke has been keeping busy - regardless of the pandemic. We spoke with him to get a closer look into his world.

More recently, Amazon prime released an exciting exclusive new movie - ‘In Full Bloom’, and YUSUKE is the leading man. It follows him through his journey as a warrior to become a boxing champion in a post-WWII Japan, in a fight that is set to bridge the gap between the east and the west in a war-struck society. We spoke with YUSUKE to get a deeper understanding of the man in front of the camera, and the film itself.


Hi, Yusuke. How are you? Congratulations on the new movie - ‘In Full Bloom’! Could you tell us a bit about your daily routine whenever you don’t have any interviews and photo or movie shoots? Also, what inspires you, day to day? 

Hi, thank you! I’m enjoying working out at the gym, taking acting lessons via Zoom, and studying to become a nutrition and wellness consultant. 

What has been keeping you busy these days? 

I have so much I want to do right now so I spend a lot of time studying new things. 

What was the most surprising part of working on (In Full Bloom) a big feature film production?

Even though I had rehearsed and practiced, everything was a first for me. So, when I finally arrived on set and realized that we’re actually doing this, it felt strange like I was kind of floating. I remember vividly how a trembling coursed through me from the depths of my heart when I first encountered the waterfall of the snow mountain scene. 

How long did it take you to prepare (physically) for your role?

It took two and a half months to practice for the first scene. Then, I had about six months to prepare before the actual fight scene so I used that time to build muscle and bulk up. 

Interesting, was it physically/ mentally demanding?

I’m accustomed to staying active and fit because I worked as a model for many years and was a dancer before that. But, this role required me to gain weight which for my body type was very challenging. I had to eat a lot of calories and it was very hard on my stomach. Also, when I’m too full I get sleepy and can’t move so it made training more difficult- LOL! 

Do you have any background in MMA or Boxing?

No, none. But, I used to be a dancer so learning steps and memorizing the choreography of the boxing scenes came naturally for me. 

Did you seek it out or did this role find you?

The director saw an “Everlast” TV commercial that I did and reached out to me. 

You’re first day on set - it must have been surreal, I can only imagine. How did it feel?

I had butterflies in my stomach because I was so nervous about doing my best. But, once the camera started rolling and I saw Adam and Reza and the whole crew working so hard I realized we were all in this together and I was able to relax a bit. 

Where did filming take place? 

The snow mountain scene was shot in Idaho and the fighting scenes were in LA. 

Wow - I have to say, it’s hard to tell you weren't up in the mountains of Sapporo. You’ve worked with many great fashion brands over the years - how did the dynamic compare to being on a film set? 

To me, it felt like doing editorial modeling for an extended amount of time, but the biggest difference was staying in the role which requires a vastly different breadth of emotions from modeling. I also think because there are multiple takes of the same scene from different angles with other actors that perhaps being able to recreate the same scene consistently could be important. (l.e.) If I can I reproduce my best acting over and over. 

When did you start to train as an actor? 

Actually, I used to take acting lessons to broaden my expressions from when I was working as a model in Japan. In New York, I took acting and accent reduction lessons whenever I had the time. I had a feeling that the world of acting would be a deep one, so I kept the door closed, but I ended up opening it—LOL. After the initial private screening of “In Full Bloom,” a lot of people – old and young came and spoke with me about how moved they were by the film. That’s when I realized that this was something that I wanted to do for a long time. 

The director duo Raza and Adam also wrote the screenplay, how was it working with them and seeing their vision come together?

There was an absolute image of Masahiro, so we shot each scene within those parameters. Whenever the director instructed me to change something, I did it. 

The fight that surrounds the plot in ‘In Full Bloom’ is supposed to bridge the gap between the east and the west in a post-war world. Do you feel that bringing a Japanese / American film can also bridge the gap between the two audiences?

I believe good stories transcend language, culture, age, and gender. Post-World War 2 was the backdrop, but it wasn’t a major focus and even though it’s a movie about boxing there isn’t a winner or loser. It’s about each character’s journey, their own personal battle with themselves, and the fleeting existence of cherry blossoms. 

Are you planning to be in any other movies in the future? If so, what kinds of movies do you want to appear in? 

I’ve already finished shooting my second movie. It’s a completely different role from this one so I think people will be surprised. I’d love to do a spy thriller or a comedy next. Basically, I want to play characters that stretch my imagination and force me out of my comfort zone so I can continue to grow as an actor. 







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