August 02, 2018 2:00 PM
This edition of NYC Streeters is calm, cool and collected—with a side of sunshine. As the concrete jungle heats up so does summer street-style, filled with modi operandi and '90's nostalgia. 
The modish all-girl-gang confirms that a jeans-and-tee combo is always en vogue, flip-flops are not passé and the color black  truly never goes out of style. Sultry silk camisoles, light layers and pedal pushers are all the hoorah until the cooler months; and a pair of chic overalls has all of our '90's selves jumping with joy. 
A bit of the West never fails to find its way to the East, as free-spirited boho queens sun-bathe in floral maxi dresses, dramatic vintage turbans and embroidered kimonos. We can be sure to take just as much of a cue from the French; Adding subtle details—like a front-twisted knot to an ordinary t-shirt, or pinstripe to an otherwise original pant—never goes unnoticed. As Instagram influencers have blatantly declared: When in doubt, throw on a pair of sleek sneaks to complete (almost) any outfit (coupled with a dress is adorning).
This group of Streeters experiment with accessories that are right on-trend, with larger-than-life hoops and irregular-shaped shades. A 'Pretty Woman' polka-dotted dress is a lewk, and the time is now to throw a Birkin-style basket bag over your shoulder. 
NYC girls sure know how to stay cool while soaking up the sun.




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