November 02, 2016 5:00 PM

Hitting the streets during NYFW was exhilarating itself. The atmosphere was dynamic, as the styles rocked as their own rock n’ roll legends.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Carine Roitfeld, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris. She decked out in black of all different fabrics. A leather button-hole jacket, a silk blouse, lace pants, and shiny platform shoes. You would think she was leaving a concert instead of a fashion event.

We can see that wearing black is a common subject, so why not continue it. Another streeter wears a long-sleeve, floral print dress. Decorated in lace with a ribbon in the front, her dark hair and elevated shoes truly make a strong statement with her appearance.

Besides a dress, one can wear all black any way. A simple black t-shirt with a black flowy skirt works just as well. Topped off with a black hat, shoes, and don’t forget the accessories. Another one wears a black long sleeve shirt with tight pants, letting no fair skin shown.

To mix it up, a fellow streeter paired her leather jacket and pants with a white graphic t-shirt. The black design corresponds with the black well, showing off bare ankles with her black booties.

Nonetheless, dark colors aren’t the only attire worn. What better way to show American pride to an event than wearing red, white, and blue? This blonde has a “New York” tee on, accompanied by white jeans and flats. Her handbag across her couldn’t tie into her outfit any more.

Let’s not forget the men during this event as well. James Goldstein, entrepreneur and architect, rocked a cowboy look. His cow-printed jacket, neck handkerchief, and designed shirt are put together with denim pants and a bulky belt. A big hat and boots are the final touches to be the sheriff of anything. 

Similar to the black and grey color scheme, this male blonde makes comfy look as fashionable as possible. A mid-sleeve sweatshirt is worn with a skirt and short leggings. Showing off his wrists and ankles, he adds a sporty touch with matching sneakers and casual satchel.

Nothing beats a classic rock show attire. Simply wear a black dress or romper, and tie your favorite flannel around your waist (preferably red). Say “PEACE” to NYFW like the last model, until the next show and more thrilling styles.






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