September 05, 2016 3:08 PM

With the sun still raging over New York City, don’t put away those summer clothes just yet. While scoping out SoHo, the perfect outfits were found to finish the season with a powerful statement.


The “Little Black Dress” is a must-have attire, from casual occasions to formal ones. Svetlana found her muse in New York City, walking around in the original yet distinctive dress. Matching black sunglasses, bag, and low platform shoes add to the overall sophisticated look, keeping her cool and ready for anything.


There’s nothing wrong with a little design either. Still spaghetti-strapped in the summer feel, Alice Donovan struts in her black and white polka dot dress. To mix the in-between seasons, she complemented wonderfully with her picking of shoes. White combat boots with tan laces and accents seems like it wouldn’t match, but it certainly brings the whole image together and makes her stand out more.


On the other hand, you can still looked dressed up without wearing a dress. Jumpsuits are just as popular nowadays, acceptable in any season. Allegra Samsen tries on her white form-fitting one, beating the heat and still looking professional. The black lining of the neckline is brought out with her black choker and shoulder bag, as the gold chain matches both her tan sunglasses and open-toe sandals. This attire was very thought out, yet very easy to achieve.


Renata Zandonadi went for a more laid-back appearance. Big sunglasses to block out the harsh rays are a must, complemented with a tan leather tote to carry all her personal items in and more. However, she decided to wear a classic graphic-tee, matched with jean shorts and a lighter jean jacket around her waist. With stylish slip-on shoes, she is prepared for any type of weather, while most importantly staying comfortable.


Similarly, a graphic t-shirt can go with a fancier pair of pants, but still look casual. Isis Bataglia rocks a loose pair of zip-up shorts, corresponding the dark grey in her shirt perfectly. The colors of the image on the tee makes her outfit pop, while making dark colors still acceptable to wear. Pairing off with Nike sneakers enhances the informality, completing the ultimate comfy look.


For an even more relaxed style, Jeanne Cadieu wears her favorite pair of blue ripped jeans. With a loose, white V-neck t-shirt, you will always stay cool and fresh. Slipping on white sneakers is a great addition for a clean look, as her black socks correspond directly with the black on her huge handbag. With a subtle spark of gold, an outfit so simple can always look fashionable and well-put together like this.


From dresses to shorts and jeans and jumpsuits, any combination goes. Make sure to end summer with your own fashion statement, and welcome the autumn season soon. 






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