June 24, 2016 4:00 PM

Paris based model Amalie Gassmann is giving a taste of spice to a calm day look. She is wearing a covetable black choker crop top, that fits to perfection. Her light colored jeans that fall just at her hips give off an effortless feeling with their stylish frayed bottoms. Not to mention that her jeans are a cool Gaucho length, Amalie's ensemble is an eye catcher for sure! She accessorized with a simple black strapped side bag that sported the popular fluff keychain in turquoise, and a pair of 70's inspired circle shaped hippie frames in a pumpkin hue. Say it with me, she "NAILED IT!" Lets not forget her Gucci slip on's with fur at the base that added just enough flavor to mirror a fashion forward look with not a bit of strain!

Breonne Rittinger is the prime example of casual meeting a taste of style. She is gracefully sporting a fitted black tank that shows a peak of stomach and a stylish pair of dark skinny jeans. Focusing on how her jeans lay on the top of her two toned cheetah print ankle boots, only adds to the details she's displaying. She accented her outfit by adding two gold chains with colored stones and a dainty colored ring. Let's not forget her black bucket book bag and iridescent mirror framed glasses adding a touch of color. What a way to stand out!

Have you seen Zoe the editor for IRMA's WORLD lately? Well if you haven't it's about time you pay a little bit more attention. She's wearing a statement making dress screaming for recognition! The dress is calf length covered in patterns with colors like white, purple, green, and it has a collar. The collar is sweetheart shaped and includes two stripes of red and white,accompanied by elbow length sleeves that are solid black. Her footwear is a totally different topic! She sported a white cheetah sock, worn underneath a pointed toe navy heel, with tie up green laces, topped off with a gold bow at the very front. She accessorized perfectly with just a gold watch, small chain, and a black, red, and green bamboo handled tote bag. Want to turn heads? Follow Zoe's lead!







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