May 19, 2016 3:00 PM

When you hear the word "pattern," many different images may consume your mind -from prints, to colors, to textures. However, when style is added there's a whole new aspect to the word. From a fashion perspective, the word pattern is limitless and requires no such thing as rules! Without risk takers patterns would be purposeless!
South Korean recording artist Chaelin Lee, better known by her stage name CL, is no stranger to statement pieces, and prints. This time around she effortlessly implied she was due for a topic of discussion, with her head turning coat! Masterfully implementing pattern, she wore a light tan coat, covered in pastel colored floral prints, that stopped just centimeters above the ground. This attention grabbing coat was accessorized with a black leather belt tied at the torso. This complimented her black one piece that gracefully peaked through, along with her peep toe cranberry iridescent heels. 
Caroline Issa is another admirable fashion forward individual, always giving off a clean, proper, and compelling look. Yet this time around she added a sprinkle of spice - sporting a calf length heavy trench coat. The navy blue shade was perfectly coincided by a vine like white pattern that took over the entire coat. Meshing well with the exception of a solid belt tied at the waist and bottom section of the collar, it spoke volumes on its own. This gravitational piece implemented the ingenuity within pattern,and was properly paired with a tailored pant and statement boots fuchsia, navy blue, and red colors. 
Not to mention Linda Tol with her jaw dropping ensembles. She properly displays pattern within her looks. One in particular example is when she rocked a waist length coat, with a soft pink fur collar, while the rest of the coat was entirely covered in a brown, white, and navy textured pattern. The arm length of the coat stopped exactly at the top of the wrist, giving gateway for further accessorizing. She paired a black sweater underneath that came past the sleeves of the arm, ushering the coat into a different look. The coat was accessorized with a black chained side bag, medium toned Jean gauchos, and chocolate brown lace up boots. 
Examples are everywhere! Be mirrors of these risk taking pattern wearer's, no more hiding behind playing it safe!






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