April 13, 2016 3:41 PM

The sanguine locks, haphazardly ablaze; the porcelain countenance atop the obsidian uniform, and that ninety degree posture. Could it be anybody but Grace Coddington? We know she stepped down from her creative director position at Vogue, but she is still the creative director of our hearts. And we love how she adheres to the uniform, but always updates it with little flourishes. Case in point: the black sneakers with the white platform.

It's easy to see why Miroslava Duma has appeared in a myriad of top blogs such as The Sartorialist and The street style icon (and founder of is flawless and crisp in her winter-white wool overcoat paired with gray suede knee boots. Her signature brown bob peaks out from beneath her beret, and a grey cashmere scarf emerges from under her upturned collar. Flawless and crisp. Always. We don't know how you do it, Mrs. Duma, but we salute you! 

It might be blue or green or canary yellow, but heck, we'd recognize Jenna Rose Igneri's technicolor bob anywhere, even under her pop-pommed skullcap. Jenna is cold-weather ready in a textured faux fur and light-washed jeans with comfy ankle booties built for the streets. We can't wait to see what hair color our favorite Digital Marketing Assistant from Nylon mag comes up with for spring!



WRITEN BY Karen Fragala-Smith 



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