March 23, 2016 2:53 PM

Does the fashion industry love monochrome and minimalism? Yes, of course. Do our street style photographers have the same obsession? Well, sure but maybe not as much as we are loving bright colors! Especially in the winter of New York, when everything is getting white while the sky is getting darker, what else is better than a dose of vibrant colors? TWELV hopes to brighten your life by sharing these colorful outfits we captured during New York Fashion Week.


If I have to choose one street style master of color, I will vote for the pink lady with no hesitation. If you’re like me who has tried 1000 times to put on pink clothing with the hopes of looking like Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys, you will definitely know the challenge. It is never an easy thing to make pink not too girly or stawdry, but this lady did a fantastic job. Bubblegum pink, fuscia, crimson, different shades from pink to red together brought together a vividness like a spring blossom. The striped neck scarf and the leather gloves balanced the brightness of the pink which made it more sophisticated and elegant. She was a perfect example of the combination of uptown classic and downtown whimsy.


Color is not just for the ladies at fashion week! Check out how stylish this guy looked in the steel blue suede jacket and the contrasting caramel top. If there was any tip we could learn from him, it would be that bluish and yellowish colors together can never go wrong. And wasn't he genius to put on the matching socks and scarf? The indigo pattern scarf was absolutely the highlight of the whole outfit - the exotic vibe really popped out easily against the dullness of winter.


One thing we learned from fashion week is to never be afraid of standing out. Stepping out of your comfort zone and daring to wear bright colors is just the first step toward your own amazing fashion journey. 






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