The streeters #64 NYFWM F/W 2016

February 14, 2016 1:55 PM

One of my favorite parts about NYFW is that people get to have fun and be more playful with their outfits, and during this season it couldn’t be any different. Fur, fringes, mixed patterns and textures, we have seen it all. It’s really refreshing to see the capacity of people to really outdo themselves every season. Furthermore, I’d say that the beauty of fashion and fashion weeks is that you might see same trends coming back really fast, or even staying for extended periods of time, but they never come back or stay the same way. We are always recycling trends, always making them feel like something we have never seen before.

One of my favorite looks among the guys was the military camouflage suit paired with a giant black fur coat, and a bow tie. A combination that per se is wildy and very risky, but that worked out perfectly. I love how Lauren Eifel mixed a black dotted tee with a buttoned graphic black and green skirt. Bonus for the platform sneakers and the cap. French Vendette’s CEO, Erika Degraffinreaidt, is by far one of my favorite styles from all of the people we’ve seen so far. The high-knee boots, paired with a fringe skirt and a plaid sweater layered with a crisp button down white shirt, and completed with a little red bag got me asking myself where I can buy those things, because I want them all in my closet. Hirrs Phil killed it in an all orange outfit. The long coat and the vest are super powerful, added to that the golf hat and the giant choker. He got the perfect recipe to make an statement. We love it.

Again, it’s really great to see people reinventing themselves during fashion week. It’s inspiring, and a good reminder that fashion doesn’t happen only on the catwalk, during the shows. What we see on the streets is also a big trend generator and it helps to build the endless cycle of trends that we see changing every season.






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