The streeters #63 NYFWM F/W 2016

February 14, 2016 1:39 PM

It’s fashion season again, folks! One of the favorite parts of the year to New Yorkers and so many other fashionistas around the globe. And you must be asking yourself “how do people manage to keep themselves so stylish when it’s freezing outside?” Well, like I’ve mentioned a thousand times in the past articles, layering is the secret, the keyword, the magic trick that fashion lovers know too well. Despite the incredibly low temperatures this week, we’ve been spotting so many outfits on point that it makes us want NYFW to last forever.

Solid colors are the biggest hit. While black, white and grey are still big, as expected, now it’s time for cobalt blues and bright reds and oranges to pop out. We have also spotted a lot of camel-colored coats and beige everywhere. What really gets me excited though, is seeing one of my favorite trends back, the color block. And I have to say that in this game, the guys are killing it!

Three of my favorite combinations were created by three really dapper gentlemen. The first one, Sean Julian, combined black leather pants with a black turtleneck shirt and a beige coat with a red accent collar, and paired it with red sneakers and red fedora hat. Stylish and classy! My second pick was a guy that our team unfortunately was unable to identify. By pairing a blue and white sweatshirt with grey pants, running shoes and black clutch, he was able to look fresh, comfortable and super fashionable, which is basically a goal I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time. My third pick of the day was mister Aaron Bradford, and his grey and black ombre coat. Although these two colors are considered pretty safe, they can often look boring when put together. In his case, they just look absolutely elegant together.

Another outfit that I really love is from a lady called Laura Emily Prendergast. The way she put together a black turtleneck, paired with a dark grey and blue dress, topped with a blue jacket and grey sneakers is really interesting and definitely one of my favorite combinations.

We’ll be covering NYFW entirely, so stay tuned because we have some more great fashion tips coming straight from there.






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