January 04, 2016 5:04 PM

December, one of the coldest and most festive months of the year in the Big Apple. Christmas lights and decorations all around, snow falling on the ground, temperatures reaching the 20 degrees at its highest, and people walking around covered in the thickest coats and the biggest scarves you can possibly imagine. All the things mentioned above are parts of a common holiday season scene in NYC, but this winter has been proving us wrong. With temperatures peaking between 60 and 70 degrees this month, New Yorkers have been trying to find creative solutions to manage their winter wardrobe.

As I said here in previous articles, layering is the key to a fashionable yet comfortable outfit, because it gets you ready for any kind of abrupt temperature changes. That said, we have to admit that when it comes to layering New Yorkers are kings (and queens), some of us spend part our lives learning how to do it, while some others are just born with it. I have some great examples of layering for this crazy winter weather. For instance, my first pick of this edition was Tiffany Leecock, Manager at Sam Edelman. The girl managed to look flawless wearing a poncho/oversized scarf and mixing it with culottes, booties and a button down shirt. I also love how Elite model, Sasha Kichigina, looks so comfy in that blanket-like coat, the camel color breaks her head-to-toe black outfit.

Since I'm a sucker for denim, I couldn't skip two looks that really caught my attention. Creative Director, Tori Spotts and Art Student, Hannah Ginn, nailed the all-denim look. While Hannah went for a destroyed version, mixed with a white tank top and brown leather boots, Tori decided to go with a sleeker version, with skinny jeans, a striped mustard tee and a jacket with shearling details. I feel the 90’s coming back strong.

I’d also like to highlight some of my other favorite combinations. I think Jassica Karr did a great job keeping her legs bare while wearing a shearling coat and a mini skirt. Another layering champion that got my attention was model Tasha Moore, with her stunning outfit. The teal blue coat with leather sleeves and fur collar paired with a grey knit sweater, skinny black pants and leathers boots and a floppy hat completely won my fashionista heart.

That's all for this year, fashion folks, but we promise to bring you the best of street fashion and more in 2016. Watch out for the weather, layer it up, be stylish, be original and don't be afraid to break rules. Have a wonderful 2016!






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