November 15, 2015 11:00 AM

When the air gets crispy and days alternate between nice and warm, cold and - very often - extremely rainy, you know it's Fall. Most fashion lovers will tell you this is their favorite season, and we can understand why. Fall days allow you to be playful with your looks, and add to it all different kinds of layers, knowing that you won't die because of the heat and humidity that the summer days bring, nor that it's going to be so cold - Winter, I'm looking at you - that you'll have to wrap yourself up from head to toe like you're going to hike in the freezing mountains of Patagonia.

This Fall, we've been witnessing a whole sorts of prints and textures. Fur and leather take the lead, while animal and graphic prints still fight to keep their place in people’s hearts. One amazing example of boldness is the outfit that photographer, Karen Blanchard, wore. She nailed it in that leopard coat. The color of choice for the rest of the outfit - black - helped to keep things sober.

Another interesting thing about Fall outfits in recent times is the presence of pastel colors, that started becoming a real thing a few seasons ago. Two outfits caught my attention for that matter, models, Nora Vai, MUSE, and Iris Van Berne, Next Model, add with perfection hints of pastel pink and baby blue to their outfits. What I really like about the first one is the combination, dress shirt + wide brim hat, and about the second one is the mix of the fur coat with the baby bag and the futuristic sneakers.

Another outfit that I really liked was the one worn by Jordan Stawecki. The Moschino printed sweatshirt is fun and easy, and when combined with ripped jeans and high top sneakers it just become a perfect Fall outfit. Spot on!

Like I’ve mentioned before, Fall is the perfect season for you to get your layering game going, and play with patterns and textures. It’s also a good time for you to try adding some bright colors to your outfit and make it more vivid. So, why don’t you start now? 






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