October 03, 2015 10:00 AM

One of the most important and exciting parts of New York Fashion Week, in my humble opinion, is having a glimpse of what the catwalks are going to show us and what the trends for the next season will be like. And what did we catch from this edition? You must be asking me. In a land like New York City, black and white are still kings, while colors and whimsical prints start to gain some more space.

From the pictures we’ve selected to show you, it’s easy to get a sense that lengths and hemlines are very democratic. You have flare pants gaining more and more space and the skinny cuts showing that they’re not going away anytime soon.

Let’s talk about examples. First, I’d like to start with of my favorite looks of the season, worn by Brazilian bombshell Helena Bordon, by pairing a long patched skirt - claps to the back slit - to a basic turtleneck black t-shirt and heels, she achieved flawlessly a chic look. Not to mention, that almost her whole look is by Calvin Klein, a brand that we’re all suckers for.

The second look that got me so in love was The Blonde Salad’s blogger Chiara Ferragni, also wearing Calvin Klein from head to toe. The furry white tee and the striped culottes made me wonder how can someone put together an outfit that reminds me of both summer and winter and look so fresh?!

My third favorite outfit was that hella crazy mix of prints by a girl that we unfortunately were unable to identify. Checks and artsy prints and are already amazing on their own, but we’re they’re put together, it’s just that explosion of fun and beauty that we fashionistas love. Another big point about the outfit was shoe choice. Sneakers are not only super comfy but also super trendy too.

The fourth person picture in the gallery also holds a really special place among my outfit choices. That girl definitely knows how to layer and is not afraid of doing so. The baseball cap with the crop top, military jacket, a deconstructed leather overall and the flannel shirt wrapped around the hips… I think it’s rebel and very New Yorker, and it goes kind of against the super polished we constantly see during NYFW.

I love that we’re living a time where fashion is more about democracy than imposed pre-made styles. And all we can hope for is that this “trend” goes along the way for a long time. Keep in mind that your style has to reflect your true self instead of mimicking someone that you are not. And just feel free to wear whatever makes you feel good.









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