January 06, 2015 1:27 PM

Winter is in full swing and New York fashion enthusiasts are making the most of their style choices. The streeters show off their NYC style with sleek oversized coats and slimming bottoms that are not only convenient for the chilling air, but also gives a standout look to the people of New York City.  

The style of the season shows that neutral colors are in demand, adding a pop of color or a pattern to stand out from the rest. The neutral look is not only sleek, but is appropriate for any occasion, which makes it one of the must have looks of the season. Neutral colors are classic, as they add elegance to any outfit.  To make neutrals more chic the streeters show off a stand out piece, whether it is in the form of an oversized coat, funky patterns or a pop of color.  

Accessories have the most possibility in winter. The choice of boots, gloves, hats and scarfs makes it hard to go wrong.  The trend of the moment is ankle boots, for girls and guys; shoes cutting off at the ankle with slimming pants compliment the oversized jackets and chunky tops. Tall boots or clunky bottoms break up the line of the leg, which overthrows the sleek look that the trend is heavily manipulating this season.  

Fashion lovers grab your biggest jacket, skinniest pants and pair it with a floppy hat and ankle boots. The season is yours. 







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