December 19, 2014 6:27 PM

The Fall/Winter season is playtime for fashion enthusiasts.  The rest of the year your sartorial ammunition is limited: shorts, t-shirts, shoes, and the occasional windbreaker when you’re feeling frisky.  When the temperature drops, however, a world of opportunity opens up, as you now need multi-faceted outfits supplying both form and function.

TWELV Magazine hit the NYC streets to get a first hand look at what the ever-vigilant Manhattan fashion-forward are staying warm with this season.

The palette is overwhelmingly dark: black and grey with the occasional shot of earthy color for contrast and emphasis.  Darkness adds an elevated level of class to even distressed, intentionally tattered pieces, evoking a sort of rocker-chic/ready-for-a-cocktail hybrid.  

For both guys and gials, we’re seeing large on top, lean on the bottom. Oversized jackets - biker and faux fur right now - paired with skinny jeans/leggings create dramatic silhouettes. Add a gargantuan scarf in a similar hue for continuity and warmth, or make it bright and opaque for pop and winter wow-factor.  

In the fresh steps department, the heavy-hitters this winter are high-tops and combat boots.  Tuck your skinnies into your high-top Dr. Martens, or pair some patterned socks and high waters with the low-top Martens and prove that you’re a connoisseur from the calf down.   

And of course, don’t forget the accessories. Beanies are ever prevalent in the winter headwear department, nothing new here. Make it a larger, looser, woolier version for some added grunge, or grab a finer material like Italian merino and tone down the thickness for some class.  And to keep those hands warm and ready for texting; leather gloves are timeless, while wool with cut-off fingers or collapsible mitten tops is the look of the moment.  

Stay warm, look sharp, and enjoy winter in New York City!







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