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MANAGER: Anjula Acharia Bath


TWELV sat down with Priyanka Chopra, GUESS's newest campaign model to discuss her new projects and endeavors in the modeling, music, and acting industries before the brand's Press Preview for Guess by Marciano in New York City. This multi-faceted woman has made a name for herself in America and her home country of India as she continues to break boundaries for young women everywhere, but especially for those of color. 


Where are you from and what is your name: 

Hello, my name is Priyanka Chopra and I am from India.


How were you scouted to model:

I was Miss World at 17 and then I started acting in Indian movies and I have done about 35 - 40 movies already. I am doing an album with Interscope -- my first single came out last year in September and it featured WILL I AM. It was the theme song for the NFL last year and this year. My second “Exotic” came out in July and it features Pitbull. I met Paul randomly sometime in between and he said "You are GUESS!! You are GUESS!! I want to shoot you" and I said, "I don't understand what that means." Then he said "get your management to call me!!"


What are some challenges you have experienced in your modeling/recording/acting career: 

As an actor I have been very fortunate, and it’s time for me to expand my creativity. I consider myself very creative so I’m trying to do as much as I can. To me, music is just an extension of my creativity. When you’re creative there’s so much you have to say but as an actor you are restricted to what your director wants you to say. Even though I’ve only been doing it for one year, music is liberating and free for me. The challenge was to see if I could do it, if I could expand. If America is such a diverse nation today, then it must be time to embrace someone of another ethnicity all together. With GUESS putting me in the campaign as their first Indian model, it shows that it is time.


What do you love about the industry: 

Which one – movies or music? Not many people do both, but they are equally a part of me. I’ve been very fortunate to have an amazing record label, Interscope. As an actor I have worked with the best in the business in my country. I think it would be unfair to pick between them. The most important thing is to feel it in your soul and pour it out, whether it’s movies or music. The more honest and naked you are with the emotions you are trying to convey, the better you will be at your job.


Favorite designer:

Guess is a really great brand, and I’m not just saying that because I work with them, but because they are young and fresh. You can be your own person when you wear them, you can be free. Otherwise, I love wearing Dolce & Gabbana in the evenings.


What would you tell anyone who want to discover modeling…advice to break it in the industry: 

It is hard, but I am fortunate enough to be a movie actor so I came with that. It would help to be talented (laughs). It’s important to get your music out there. It has to be about timing and the right place and the right time and meeting the right people. Nobody can become famous sitting in their bedroom and making great music.  You have to get out there. I say this to every young person – I started working when I was 17. I didn’t know anything and I had to learn it all on my own. The one thing that helped me was not being afraid of failure. I tried everything – the opportunities are endless. You have to free fall a little bit.


Who is your role model: 

I’ve picked up a few things from various people. I don’t think anyone should aspire to be one person. Everyone is  unique in their own way, so it’s good to have a few people that you admire and say “I love this about this person,”  because no one’s perfect. For me that’s how it’s always been.


Personal style:

Comfort, except for shoes. People who complain about high heels, be quiet (laughs). If you are comfortable in your clothes you will be confident and look great.


Upcoming projects:

My next single is due out in December/January. We are still working on it at the moment; we just have some production to finish up. I have a Hindi movie coming out on November 1st, Krrish 3 -- It’s a superhero trilogy. I also just did Disney’s “Planes,” I was the Indian plane. That was really cool to do.


Workout regimen: 

I have a really great metabolism. I’m blessed because my parents did as well. I don’t work out very much. I’m doing a movie in which I’m playing a boxer so I’m training like crazy for it.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 

I want my own plane, traveling around the world as I do now. I live my life by a quote from Bruce Springsteen: I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want to be famous. I don’t even want to be happy; I just want to be great.


What is something everyone does not know about you: 

Well, if they don’t know, then I don’t want them to! 







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