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Lusting for Chanel, Veeshoo shoes and more...

Where are you from and what is your name: 

My name is Isabelle Sauer; I'm from Hamburg, Germany.


How were you scouted to model: 

I was scouted when I was sitting in the bus coming from school. A woman from the agency in Hamburg came to me and asked me if I would like to be a model. I was just surprised and thought maybe I should try it.


Which agencies are you associated with: 

I'm with Modelwerk in Hamburg, which is also my mother agency. London, Select. Barcelona Uno. Sydney, Vivien´s Models, and New York, Paris and Milan I'm with Next Model Mgmt in New York and in L.A. and Miami.


What are the challenges you have experienced during your modeling career: 

My biggest challenges in my modeling career were in the beginning when I started because I had to travel alone when I was only 15. I went to Paris and Milan, and then later at 16 to New York. It was always very exciting because I love to travel but there are times I felt alone sometimes in these big cities. I also had to learn to handle that. Moreover these experiences made me grow up very fast and thankful to meet all these wonderful people during my job.


What is your main accomplishment in modeling

My main accomplishment in modeling was doing the lookbook for Hugo Boss and a nice editorial shoot for Harper's Bazaar in the south of Greece where I had a wonderful time. Of course, there are still more that I would like to do. My favorite thing would be to work with Karl Lagerfeld because I really admire his work.



My hobbies are hanging out with friends, going to the cinema, eating nice food, and I love baking when I have time (mostly only on Christmas).


Favorite designer: 

There are a few designers who I really like, and designer Edoardo Iannuzzi from Veeshoo ( His shoe collection is chic, elegant and definitely awesome and easy for transport. It is great for both men and women. One of my favorite designers is definitely Marc Jacobs, because I love his bags. I also love Chanel, the clothes and of course the bags are amazing!!!


What would you tell anyone who want to discover modeling…advice to break it in the industry: 

I would always tell people who want to discover modeling, that they shouldn't start too young, because this business is tough. Sometimes it is very hard; therefore you need to have a thick skin to survive in this fashion industry. You need to stay away from people who are not good for you and doing bad stuff (like drugs for example). Don't get influenced by the negative people.


Who is your role model:

It is definitely Edita Vilkeviciute and ofcourse Lara Stone because of her big gap between her teeth.


How was fashion week for you: 

I did last summer season NY, Milan and Paris fashion week. It was a good experience but also very stressful and I didn't get that much sleep and I need to have alot of energy to excel at it. Sometimes you get a call during the night to go to a fitting and then you wait there for hours only to find out that the client may cancel on you. When fashion week was done I needed almost two weeks at home to relax and to reenergize again for work. (My mum helped me alot during that time, because she is a wonderful person, thanks again Mum you are the best!!) It was fun and enjoyed meeting great people and I would definitely do it again. That’s why I can't really say if I prefer US or Europe fashion week, because it's different. Moreover both have their good and bad aspects, but I would say that Paris is the most important but it is the most difficult city during FW.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years: 

I can't really say where I would see myself in 5 years. If everything goes well in modeling then I will be doing this I think, because I love my job. I also want to study later, there are some subjects where I'm interested: Media and Communication, also Nutrition Science is something where I'm very interested.


What is something everyone does not know about you: 

Well there is something most of my friends know already; that I love everything with cake and chocolate; I'm addicted to that. Another thing maybe only a few people know about me is that I'm a very emotionally person who likes to share and to talk about her feelings and what I'm thinking right now. This is actually also a reasons why I would like to go to a psychologist one time, not because I really need it but to talk with another person about so many things what is going on in my head and inquire about their opinion (hope it doesn't sounds too crazy;)







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