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ADVENTURES OF EMILIE PAYET CONTINUE on her favorite fashion designer and more ...

I might say Nicholas K, especially after seeing the SPRING/SUMMER collection 2014. For this collection he has done a collaboration with Edoardo Iannuzzi from Veeshoo who design the shoes for the New York Fashion Week runway. The shoe collection is humble with a chic and wild spirit. They decide to work with raw materials and and it's innovative. It is ideal for both men and women. The simplicity they choose embodies elegance and practicality. The high quality leather sole and out sole, waterproof zip and new closure system definitely makes it comfortable and easier for transport. It is awesome for models during castings because it is easier for transport. I wish to have them sooner in Paris and check it out at

I had an awesome time on this shoot and here are some backstage shots from an Editorial by Mikael Vojinovic for Mise en Cage ( erotic lingerie ) and Bijules & Blisslau jewels 

On our fantastic playground, kindly let me introduce you to the Improvise Parisian Rooftop Studio ;)

Our stylisms by Mise en Cage Black erotic's lingeries and also the Wedding Collection all managed by Jules Kim.

During the shooting dressed by Jules who done a mix with her creations and Mise en Cage creations. Assistant Lucie trying to put light on me :)

Some of what we ate during the shooting, mixed with Bijules Jewels :) even when we have a break on a shoot we still concentrate on new ideas, finding new compositions of images with all we've got around us.

We never know if something really interesting might pass under our nose so we have to pay close attention to everything and keep an open-mind. Sometimes to many ideas confused the photographer and the model, however today everyone was in the same mood and listen to one another.

I usually do not enjoy shooting in one place for a long time but for this photoshoot I really enjoyed being with this team, who worked with respect and love.

It's really important that the model feels comfortable because the hard work exuded is the most important for the outcome of the pictures and not just how beautiful she is.

On the topic of food I have to tell you all, yes I only eat fruits during the shoot. Why ? because first it is a fast sugar so it is good for energy and the brain, and secondly it is not heavy.

One of my favourite situation, I can feel that the light was good on me, the photographer was happy, in fact everyone was happy and it's been a long time that I didn't put a toe into a swiming pool even if it wasn't a "real" one :)

Beauty shoot with focus on Bijules jewels and the new chain breast she designed with Blisslau

My favourite behind the scene pictures ! at the end of the shoot, the assistants trying to create the original light from the sun we had lost (we were shooting for almost 6hours), Jules was talking to me to supervise the last situation and Mika called us by surprise and here we have the best shoot of the day :) 

Challenges I can talk about in my job it's that I always have to be perfect, because of the competition and the last minute requests. It can be hard to proceed on it, you have to find your own routine to life and sometimes it can be mentally difficult to accept but if you really want to do it then pursue it. The most important thing for me is to always take pleasure in what I do. Gratitude to my friend Denise Bowen for letting me contribute to this diary for TWELV. Bisous Emilie Payet








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