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Actress and fashion model Candice Lam was born and raised in Macau, China - a former Portuguese colony that exposed her to a mix of rich European influence and traditional Chinese culture. Candice longed for vast creative outlets and desired to see the world. At the age of 16, she studied abroad in Canada, where she took her first drama class which led her to move to Los Angeles to become an actress. She was quickly discovered in LA, and began part-time modeling while attending USC for Theatre Arts. Candice also received her classical theatre training at BADA in London and was trained in classical piano. Her versatile skills have led her to work with prominent filmmakers, photographers, and artists across Europe, Asia and the U.S. In 2017, Candice decided to relocate to New York City as a full time actress and model. She had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with some of her most admired people such filmmaker Ang Lee, photographer Joe McNally, and artist The Mazeking. 2018 marked some of Candice's highlights in the fashion industry where she began her runway season with Alice and Olivia, Cynthia Rowley, and Chinese designer Lu Yang. She also appeared in numerous advertising campaigns such as Prada, Givenchy, and Tom Ford. The following year, Harper's BAZAAR Hong Kong team was sent to interview and film Candice during her NY Fashion Week season. Her lively personality was also captured by Fashion One TV's episode of Lifestyle of a New York Model, where she talked passionately about her plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle. In her personal life, she practices yoga and meditation regularly, and is passionate about life, animals, trees, and flowers. She is currently transitioning into a zero waste and plastic-free lifestyle due to her love of nature and all living beings. As a performer of many artistic levels, Candice wishes to spread a positive, loving, and caring mindset through her work and art. 



1. Where are you now and how have you spent your time every day?

Home, in Brooklyn. Lots of cooking, yoga and mediations in general. Each quarantine month has been different. I was very productive in terms of creating home-studio shoots and videos, taking online classes, self-tape auditions, and hosting zoom yoga sections with model and actor friends. Then I took a month "off" just to focus on family and my well-being, and began researching a lot of environmental issues, which is my new found passion during the shutdown. 

2. Where are you originally from?

Macau, China.

3. How were you discovered?

On the street by my mother agent. 

4. What is the most memorable shoot you've done?

My first shoot ever, for a Nokia commercial campaign: I had to get into a freezing cold pool, and the team was just so kind to me and helped me get warm each time I got out of the pool. There were 3 or 4 crew members coming in wrapping me up with warm towels and heaters. I was so lucky that my first on-set experience was surrounded with gentle kindness. That became my most memorable shoot.

5. Project you've most excited about working on next?

A big budget feature film project with a director I admire.

6. Name a Designer or Publication you'd love to shoot for?


7. Talking about facetime photoshoot. Have you ever done a facetime photoshoot during quarantine?

No, I refused to.

8. Who is your style icon?

Jane Birkin.

9. Finish this sentence 'If I wasn't modeling I'd be...' ...

An actress!

10. What’s one thing you must have in your bag on set?

Chapstick, or an alcohol spray nowadays...

11. Could you share your must read books or movies that you recommend? 

Skinny Bitch: a good and easy read on vegetarianism and healthy diet

Tao te Ching: on Chinese Taoism

Amelie: French film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet starring Audrey Tautou

Run Lola Run: a German film by Tom Tykwer

2001 Space Odessy by Staney Kubrick

The Story of Plastic, the 2019 documentary

12. What is your “guilty pleasure” during quarantine?

Haha, my "guilty pleasure" might be nerdy - watching StarGate SG 1 (old TV show about space travel) and snacking a lot.

13. How has your job as a model changed during quarantine and how have you adapted?

Well, as a model, we can't do much without physically being on set. There are a lot of social media and home shooting projects going on, as much as a non-tech savvy I am, I had to force myself to learn to do live and digital castings on Zoom etc. I became my own production company pretty much.

14. What have you missed the most about your job or our industry that you realized during quarantine?

Human interactions, moments being captured in real life, and real time. 

15. What’s the first thing you are planning to do once things go back to normal?

Go to my favourite Italian cafe in Soho, have a glass of wine, and see my old friends.

16. What is your current career goal? 

Make money, haha. I also want to influence the industry to be truly diverse as well as be conscious about the environmental impact. I aspire to be the change I wish to see in the world. 



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