TWELV Diary #30: Hélène Desmettre

August 29, 2017 11:00 AM





Where is home? As a model, I'm lucky to be able to travel often for work. And it's made me grow so fast, become independent, and meet so many new people who have shared their vision of life with me. It adds depth to my mind to see all these shades of opinion. But I have to admit that everywhere I've traveled, I've felt homesick, enjoying the new but missing home at the same time.

Until I came to New York City, I traveled to the US a lot as a kid but it's different to experience things on your own as a grown up. Since day one I felt comfortable here, welcomed. Despite the noise and the busy atmosphere, I never felt like I didn't belong in this city because of the concentration of people coming from everywhere in the world. It was the first time I could call home somewhere else than my hometown in France, Lille.

As a french girl, New York taught me positivity and how to do more. I feel more motivated and joyful than ever, thanks to the intense positive energy of the town. I started things I'd never do, I talked to people I'd never talk to, and I share more. I have my own website, where I love to express a mix between positive mind, skincare, health and wellness. I still love France– its culture and magnificent architecture of course– and I feel très french, but I know I made the right choice to come live in a town like NYC where so many people belong at the same time and I am thankful for it.

Find the place where you belong :)







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