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Can you believe a trip to Paris can heal your soul? It can!, a lot! After spending six months in New York I had to go get my Visa renewed. I decided to pack my summer clothes and fly to Paris, one of my favorite cities. While in the air I dreamt about picnics in every park possible and listening to boys playing guitar in the warm afternoon by the Seine. Sipping cappuccinos or rosé wine in Marais while ppl watching was just what I needed to do and exactly what I did.

During my stay in Paris I was very lucky to have my dad over for a week. He was a part of a collaboration between 15 French and 15 Swedish artists and painters who showed their art in an old market space. Three pieces from my home and heart in north of Sweden was exposed during two weeks in Paris. Can't describe how proud and happy I was for dad. To see the whole exhibition also gave me inspiration and big lust to continue painting, witch I did a lot when I was younger.

I got my first tattoo in Tokyo one and a half year ago, and now I feel like its time to get another piece of ink art on my body. An animal it will be!, I think only animals will cover my body. Fish, bird, snake? I love animals and absolutely don't mind covering my body with their beauty.

I had a shoot in Paris for a magazine that wanted to capture a big trend and norm of tattoos on young peoples nowadays. While mr photographer was taking pictures of my koi fish with seven different old and new cameras I started thinking (except that he was a bit crazy) how a persons image changes so fast with just one tattoo. Is it the braveness of sitting in pain for two hours that get peoples fascinated? Or is it the fact that you are marked for life and probably must be sure of what you want. For me it's about a feeling and a state of mind you get when you observe your tattoo in the mirror. Hopefully it gives you joy and satisfaction through your life. 




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