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My Art My Life.

She've writing a fantasy that she found in her Blog. She studied Design at Tokyo University of the Arts, then she started the fashion blog after winning the Takarajima Publishing Company's Blogger Competition. Her self-portraits became famous with the success of her blog.  She started working as an Art Director after graduating from the university and continues to blog.

The blog is about a fantasy story that is happening in real world around the girl who was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In her blog, the theme is only mermaids with the explanation of Japanese traditional culture, such as Tokyo's Kawaii Culture, Anime, and Traditional Handy Craft.



-----------------Junko's INTERVIEW-----------------


1. Tell us about your past working experience, and why do you choose to be a blogger? 

J: I worked as an Art Director & Designer for 3 years. Now as an influenced blogger, I have been dedicated to write a blog to let various institutions and organizations know my ideas in order to develop original arts and design. 


2. What did you learn from your job?

J: I have been learning marketing skills through social occasions, and have seen different styles of manufacture, design, and art work. Also, interacting with younger bloggers has been inspiring me in a various way. 


3. What's your mission in the fashion industry?

J: To create a new movement. I am trying to create a product with some mixtures of fashion and technology.


4. What is the best part of your current job? 

J: I can truly express my genuine passion for my interest.


5. What does "fashion" mean to you?

J: Fashion is the place where I can explicitly show an expression of myself, and also the place where everyone can be creative.


6. What inspires your styling?

J: Many stories. Everything interesting to me, such as nature, animals, city and culture, etc.


7. Describe your fashion faith in one sentence.

J: Fantasy; it's the dream world.


8. What five words would describe you?

J: Elegant, Rock, Fairy, Fantastic, Mermaid.


9. What if there will be no social media in your life, how would you express yourself?

J: I don't know because I was a blogger when I realized it, but I guess I would still make design for many things and work with my creativity.


10. What is your most significant achievement as a professional? 

J: To challenge new things in collaboration with Japanese artists to make many people happy with what I have learned.


11. Who is your fashion icon?

J: I actually do not have any...


12. What is your favorite brand and shops? Why?

J: In Tokyo, I love MIDWEST because they have all brands I want and customer service there is amazing! I'm recently fascinated in ATSUSHI NAKAMURA, which has the unique concept of Tokyo street culture and sporty, and the design of their unique dress is intriguing much to me. Of course, shoes and bags are from MASAYA KUSHINO, who is spotted as very talented shoes designer in the world.


13. What do you like to do outside of work? 

J: I usually play with my cat, Jijico, and hang out with my best friends. I always appreciate my best friends who give me energy and inspiration every time I see them. 


14. What are your career goals in the future?

J: First of all, I want to become the person who can work all over the world. So I conclude that I will keep writing and sending a life story in which people are interested and get excited through my blog. 










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