July 02, 2014 2:45 PM

The Twelv team arrived to a small red carpet at the Waterfall Mansion located in the Upper East Side. Outside, many guests dressed in their suits and gowns file into the art gallery. As I walk in I notice the unmarked white walls with various pieces of art hanging upon them. The team and I make our way up various flights of stairs stopping at each floor to notice the unique pieces on display, and also to grab a few hor’derves from the plates carried by the nicely dressed butlers. As I walked down the narrow hallway into one of the rooms a wall of donuts greets me. Not edible ones, but pieces of art rather. No ceramic donut was alike varying in pattern, color, and even shape. Some donuts were shaped as hearts, flowers, and some to resemble Mickey Mouse! Although all unique, my favorite piece immediately stood out to, the gold Mickey Mouse donut. Across from the wall of donuts was a comical piece, resembling a white snail structure (signature of the artist) with a sick expression on its face and a stethoscope around its neck. One of the representatives informed us about the artist and that he was present in the building, so we had the honor to meet the individual with the creative mind behind the pieces we had admired. South Korean born artist, Jae Yong Kim creates quirky and eclectic pieces that come across as enjoyable and humorous to his viewers. It was an honor meeting the New York City artist as well as learn about his work. Some other pieces displayed by various artists included a hanging Spiderman sculpture over one of the staircases, and a miniature human-like statue of a man upon a pedestal. I find art and fashion to be very similar in the sense that each piece is expressive, has an inspiration behind the creation of it,  and people all have their own interpretation of it.  The night ended on the rooftop overlooking the city around us. As someone who has lived in the city for nearly half a year now, and has frequently visited, I am still mesmerized by the views and vibe of the city no matter where my journeys takes me.     






Fashion is more than just a passion of mine; I believe it is a lifestyle. As a fashion student attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, I learn about the industry not only in class but also through experiences off campus. I am chasing my dreams just as I chase the next 1 Train or a taxi going off to my next adventure. Being able to attend numerous events around the city is slowing making me feel like I am becoming the New Yorker I have always wanted to be. Hopefully, I can experience the industry not only in this city but around the world as well in the future. I long for the days I will be able to pack (in my case, over pack) my luggage bags and grab a Saint Laurent carryall tote with a ticket and coffee in hand as I head to wherever my destination may be. The vibrant energy of this city only fuels my passion even more. I feel beyond blessed to be creating a life I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, amongst a city full of dreamers as well.  


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