May 29, 2014 2:03 PM

When my alarm goes off, “Another five minutes” is the only thing that pops into my head. The daily struggle to get up is impossible without coffee in hand. Last glance in the mirror, throw on the heels, and out the door. However today was no struggle to leave my warm, snug bed. I put on my black All Saint heels and strutted in to work. This little parade of mine was all due to the fact that today TWELV was shooting nine male models that I was lucky enough to cast for the shoot! The story was a DIOR HOMME themed shoot. Surrounded by the stunning clothing and models, it was a sight to see. The DIOR HOMME clothing was enchanting. Elegant, posh, contemporary yet classic, clothing that is instantly recognizable. I would jump out of bed again to work with those timeless pieces in a heart beat. A lot of stress, commission, and nail biting went into making this happen, but luckily it was a blast watching all the hard work come together. 


Kyla Tangeman



I’m a new fashion girl in New York. Living in the wonderland has been a dream and passion of mine. Coming from LA one year ago, I traded my car in for a yellow cab. This fashion business in NY is an adventure to me. The fashion parties and events make me feel like I’m a diamond in a jewelry box.


“Happy girls are the prettist”. Audrey Hepburn


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