May 14, 2014 1:13 PM

Excitement escalates as the workday winds down on Fridays. It’s that night of the week when coworkers meet and let go of the stress of the week and are permitted to go a tad wild! Last Friday evening, was no exception. Dressed to impress, the Twelv team made our presence at BVLGARI and the S MAGAZINE party. As we entered the venue for BVLGARI, your eyes flash to the alluring, exquisite jewelry. The stunning and glamorous crowd gathered, coupled with the breath-taking jewelry, was a picture perfect scene. Enrico Brignano’s eloquent speech about the 50th anniversary of his Broadway Debut was enjoyed by everyone. As if all of this was not exciting enough, thanks to BVLGARI, I was allowed to don one of the precious necklaces. Having the necklace dazzling around my neck was a moment that will be well remembered for my entire life. Even as I write this, I must remind myself it was not a dream. I was lucky enough to have experienced that luxurious piece on my neck. As I took the necklace off, I realized it was almost midnight and time to continue the Friday night excitement. Magical midnight, no one moves to New York to go home by midnight, so the Twelv team migrated to the S MAGAZINE party on Bowery. The party was popping when we arrived. Amidst the electronic music and the glow from the lighting, one felt immediately allured to the dance floor. Between the dancing, mingling with the crowd, and the breathtaking rooftop; the party was a sheer delight. As I enjoyed the NYC skyline from the rooftop, a view that will never get old, I relished my Friday night escape and already I long for the next!





I’m a new fashion girl in New York. Living in this wonderland has been a dream and passion of mine. Coming from LA one year ago, I traded my car in for a yellow cab. This fashion business in NY is an adventure to me. The fashion parties and events makes me feel like I’m a diamond in a jewelry box.

“Happy girls are the prettiest.”   Audrey Hepburn


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