July 28, 2014 7:24 PM

As I walked along the store-lined street known as Broadway in Soho, I arrived to the location of my next event, the headquarters of the New York based brand Adopted.  As I entered the studio with the glass office and exposed brick walls, my co-workers and bosses at Twelv greeted me, as well as one of the founders of Adopted, DAVID WATKINS. I explored the studio space and mingled with industry guests and enjoyed the view from six stories up.

            Although a fairly new company founded in 2012 by business partners DAVID WATKINS and NORA LEVINSON, Adopted has quickly made a high-quality name for itself in not only the American market, but internationally as well, in Asia and Europe where they have additional bases. Notably, the brand is featured at luxury department store Barneys with the collection “ADOPTED XO BARNEYS NEW YORK”. The collection offers luxurious material phone cases including python embossed. Personally, the burgundy version is my favorite.  The experience of high-quality product knowledge, design, and development is apparent through all of the collections the brand has to offer.

            Other products I particularly take interest in are the genuine leather phone case with metallic framing named the “leather wrap case”, and the upholstered paneled phone case named “cushion wrap case”. The sleek design that has non-gender based qualities and choice of colors reaches a wide demographic. This is an important aspect in any brand, and sets Adopted apart from any other brands of its kind. The price for the quality a consumer would receive is very impressive in my opinion, as well as the engineering and manufacturing of the products.

            As a part of the Twelv team, I continuously find enjoyment in attending events that the magazine collaborates with. That being said, it was a pleasure to visit the studio space and meet the individuals behind the creation of Adopted.  



Carly Dugan


Fashion is more than just a passion of mine; I believe it is a lifestyle. As a fashion student attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, I learn about the industry not only in class but also through experiences off campus. I am chasing my dreams just as I chase the next 1 Train or a taxi going off to my next adventure. Being able to attend numerous events around the city is slowing making me feel like I am becoming the New Yorker I have always wanted to be. Hopefully, I can experience the industry not only in this city but around the world as well in the future. I long for the days I will be able to pack (in my case, over pack) my luggage bags and grab a Saint Laurent carryall tote with a ticket and coffee in hand as I head to wherever my destination may be. The vibrant energy of this city only fuels my passion even more. I feel beyond blessed to be creating a life I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, amongst a city full of dreamers as well.  








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