July 15, 2014 5:40 AM

As I arrive to first U.S. premiere event for Nomos-Glashütte, the renowned and award-winning watchmaking brand, I am greeted by many well-dressed men. I walk into the white concrete building with tall ceilings and gravitate toward butlers carrying trays of mouth-watering desserts. Immediately the Twelv team is welcomed by the Nomos-Glashütte personnel and then I make my way to the display wall of watches held on the wall in grey glass frames. I will speak more specifically of the watch that was my favorite, but first some background information that you may or may not already know. The German based company is unlike any other watch company today in the sense that it has many qualities that set the brand apart from the rest. The Nomos-Glashütte company supports the efforts of the charity aid organization, The Doctors Without Borders. The organization has and continues to deliver medical care to people in need in over seventy countries around the globe, for the past forty years. For every Nomos-Glashütte watch sold, the brand donates $100 to the charity organization.

       It is inspiring to know that many fashion brands are now donating money to various charities, which shows that the industry has a positive impact not only in our closets and on our wrists, but also for people in countries that need help the most.  Another aspect that sets the Nomos-Glashüette brand apart is that the company has created their own built-in-house movements, which are crucial part of the structure and function of a watch.  The delicate and focused construction is not only on the inside of the watch but is visibly apparent through the modern design. One of the watches that particularly caught my eye was the newest model called Metro. Being a city girl, I am enamored with the name! The white face sports two thin black hands and a black leather strap creating an aesthetically pleasing and sleek design. Not only is the design cool but the qualities are pretty impressive as well. What I noticed on this watch that I have never seen on any watch before was a power reserve indicator, which allows one to see how long the watch has until it runs out of energy, similar to a vehicle. The Metro is the first of the brand’s designs to provide the company’s own swing system. Although the brand generally appeals to men, I had a lot of fun trying on the watches and would absolutely sport one! I appreciate the work and craftsmanship that the brand exudes, so it was a pleasure to attend the event.


Carly Dugan



Fashion is more than just a passion of mine; I believe it is a lifestyle. As a fashion student attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, I learn about the industry not only in class but also through experiences off campus. I am chasing my dreams just as I chase the next 1 Train or a taxi going off to my next adventure. Being able to attend numerous events around the city is slowing making me feel like I am becoming the New Yorker I have always wanted to be. Hopefully, I can experience the industry not only in this city but around the world as well in the future. I long for the days I will be able to pack (in my case, over pack) my luggage bags and grab a Saint Laurent carryall tote with a ticket and coffee in hand as I head to wherever my destination may be. The vibrant energy of this city only fuels my passion even more. I feel beyond blessed to be creating a life I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, amongst a city full of dreamers as well.  


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